Preliminary Program

NOTE: Each parallel session room will have a data projector and a standard VGA connection to a laptop. We will have a desktop/laptop in each room if you only bring a USB flash drive with you. However, if you have an Apple Mac, you will need to bring your own adaptor (this has proven to be a problem, so if you have an Apple Mac, please also bring your USB drive with your presentation file).

Program Overview

Tuesday, 28th June
URMSAAN Workshop
15.30 - 17.30 Conference Registration
QUB Welcome Center
Lanyon Building
Wednesday, 29th June Thursday, 30th June Friday, 1st July
08.00 - Registration
08.55-09.10 Opening
Council Chamber/Canada Room
09.10-10.10 Invited talk: Didier Dubois
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
08.50-09.50 Invited talk: Dov Gabbay
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
09.30-10.30 Invited talk: Joe Halpern
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
10.10-10.40 Coffee break 09.50-10.20 Coffee break 10.30-11.00 Coffee break
10.40-12.20 Belief Functions I
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
Foundations of Reasoning under Uncertainty
Room: Old Staff Common Room
10.20-12.30 Fuzzy Sets & Fuzzy Logic
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
Argumentation Systems
Room: Old Staff Common Room
11.00-12.40 Bayesian Networks III
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
Default Reasoning & Logics for
Reasoning under Uncertainty II
Room: Old Staff Common Room
12.20-13.50 Lunch (Great Hall) 12.30-14.00 Lunch (Great Hall) 12.40-14.10 Lunch (Great Hall)
13.50-15.30 Belief Functions II
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
Default Reasoning & Logics for
Reasoning under Uncertainty I
Room: Old Staff Common Room
14.00-15.15 Bayesian Networks I
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
Possibility Theory & Possibililistic Logic
Room: Old Staff Common Room
14.10-15.50 Bayesian Networks IV
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
Belief Revision & Inconsistency Handling
Room: Old Staff Common Room
15.30-16.30 Poster Session &
Coffee break
15.15-15.35 Coffee break 15.50-16.00 Closing (Council Chamber/Canada Room)
16.30-17.45 Classification and Clustering
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
Implementation & Applications
Room: Old Staff Common Room
15.35-16.50 Bayesian Networks II
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
Uncertainty in Databases
Room: Old Staff Common Room
18.30-20.00 Welcome Reception
Belfast City Hall
(Coaches leaving Venue at 17.50)
18.30 - 23.00 Conference Banquet
Stormont Parliament Building
(Coaches leaving Venue at 17.50)

Detailed program

(each paper is allocated 25 minutes - 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes questions)

Tuesday, 28th June
09.00 -17.00 URMSAAN Workshop at ECIT
15.30-17.30 Conference Registration, Queen's University Belfast Welcome Center, Lanyon Building

Wednesday, 29th June
Session Main: 08.55 - 09.10: Welcome and Opening
(additional information for Conference Reception and Banquet)
Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
Session W0 (09.10 - 10.10): Invited talk -- Didier Dubois
A framework for information fusion and revision in qualitative and quantitative settings
Chair: Lluis Godo - Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
10.10 Coffee Break
Session W1A (10.40 - 12.20): Belief Functions I
Chair: Prakash P. Shenoy - Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
10.40 Independence and 2-Monotonicity: Nice to Have, Hard to Keep (Sebastien Destercke)
11.05 Constructing Dynamic Frames of Discernment in Cases of Large Number of Classes (Yousri Kessentini, Thomas Burger, and Thierry Paquet)
11.30 Modelling On Consistent Approximations of Belief Functions in the Mass Space (Fabio Cuzzolin)
11.55 Generalized Information Theory Based on the Theory of Hints (Marc Pouly)
Session W1B (10.40 - 12.20): Foundations of Reasoning and Decision Making under Uncertainty
Chair: Henri Prade - Room: Old Staff Common Room (OSCR)
10.40 Pseudo-polynomial Functions over Finite Distributive Lattices (Miguel Couceiro and Tamas Waldhauser)
11.05 A Bridge between Probability and Possibility in a Comparative Framework (Giulianella Coletti, Romano Scozzafava, and Barbara Vantaggi)
11.30 Leximax Relations in Decision Making through the Dominance Plausible Rule (Franklin Camacho and Ramon Pino Perez)
11.55 Parameterized Uncertain Reasoning Approach Based on a Lattice-Valued Logic (Shuwei Chen, Jun Liu, Hui Wang, and Juan Carlos Augusto)
12.20 Lunch
Session W2A (13.50 - 15.30): Belief Functions II
Chair: Fabio Cozzlin - Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
13.50 Towards an Alarm for Opposition Conflict in a Conjunctive Combination of Belief Functions (Eric Lefevre, Zied Elouedi, and David Mercier)
14.15 NE2GK: Evidential Evolving Gustafsson-Kessel Algorithm for Data Streams Partitioning Using Belief Functions (Lisa Serir, Emmanuel Ramasso, and Noureddine Zerhouni)
14.40 Evidential Markov Decision Processes (Helene Soubaras, Christophe Labreuche, and Pierre Saveant)
15.05 Continuous Belief Functions to Qualify Sensors Performances (Pierre-Emmanuel Dore, Christophe Osswald, and Arnaud Martin)
Session W2B (13.50 - 15.30): Default Reasoning & Logics for Reasoning under Uncertainty I
Chair: Guillermo R. Simari - Room: OSCR
13.50 Relational Probabilistic Conditional Reasoning at Maximum Entropy (Matthias Thimm, Gabriele Kern-Isberner, and Jens Fisseler)
14.15 Probabilistic Approach to Nonmonotonic Consequence Relations (Dragan Doder, Aleksandar Perovic, and Zoran Ognjanovic)
14.40 Bridging the Gap between Reinforcement Learning and Knowledge Representation: A Logical Off- and On-Policy Framework (Emad Saad)
15.05 Answer Set Programming for Computing Decisions under Uncertainty (Roberto Confalonieri and Henri Prade)
15.30 Poster Session and Coffee Break
Session W3A (16.30 - 17.45): Classification and Clustering
Chair: Zied Elouedi - Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
16.30 Latent Tree Classifier (Yi Wang, Nevin L. Zhang, Tao Chen, and Leonard K.M. Poon)
16.55 When Learning Naive Bayesian Classifiers Preserves Monotonicity (Barbara F.I. Pieters, Linda C. van der Gaag, and Ad Feelders)
17.20 Possibilistic Classifiers for Uncertain Numerical Data (Myriam Bounhas, Henri Prade, Mathieu Serrurier, and Khaled Mellouli)
Session W3B (16.30 - 17.45): Implementation & Applications of Uncertain Systems
Chair: Laurance Cholvy - Room: OSCR
16.30 Web Services and Incerta Spiriti: A Game Theoretic Approach to Uncertainty (Joaquim Gabarro, Maria Serna, and Alan Stewart)
16.55 Underwater Archaeological 3D Surveys Validation within the Removed Sets Framework (Julien Hue, Mariette Serayet, Pierre Drap, Odile Papini, and Eric Wurbel)
17.20 Adaptive Dialogue Strategy Selection through Imprecise Probabilistic Query Answering (Ian O’Neill, Anbu Yue, and Phil Hanna)
Conference Reception (Belfast City Hall)
18.30 Coaches leaving Conference at 17.50; Guided tour of City Hall, Drinks Reception

Thursday, 30th June
Session T0 (08.50 - 09.50): Invited talk -- Dov Gabbay
Equational Approach to Argumentation Networks
Chair: Anthony Hunter - Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
09.50 Coffee Break
Session T1A (10.20 - 12.25): Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic
Chair: Giulianella Coletti - Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
10.20 From Preference Relations to Fuzzy Choice Functions (Davide Martinetti, Ignacio Montes, and Susana Diaz)
10.45 Fuzzy Relational Inequations and Equations in the Framework of Control Problems (Jorge Jimenez, Susana Montes, Branimir Seselja, and Andreja Tepavcevic)
11.10 Fuzzy Autoepistemic Logic: Reflecting about Knowledge of Truth Degrees (Marjon Blondeel, Steven Schockaert, Martine De Cock, and Dirk Vermeir)
11.35 Belief Functions on MV-Algebras of Fuzzy Events Based on Fuzzy Evidence (Tommaso Flaminio, Lluis Godo, and Enrico Marchioni)
12.00 Order Compatible Fuzzy Relations and Their Elicitation from General Fuzzy Partitions (Sandra Sandri and Flavia Toledo Martins-Bede)
Session T1B (10.20 - 12.25): Argumentation Systems
Chair: Philippe Besnard - Room: OSCR
10.20 Strong Equivalence for Argumentation Semantics Based on Conflict-Free Sets (Sarah Alice Gaggl and Stefan Woltran)
10.45 Backing and Undercutting in Defeasible Logic Programming (Andrea Cohen, Alejandro J. Garcia, and Guillermo R. Simari)
11.10 Arguing with Valued Preference Relations (Souhila Kaci and Christophe Labreuche)
11.35 Arguing about the Trustworthiness of the Information Sources (Serena Villata, Guido Boella, Dov M. Gabbay, and Leendert van der Torre)
12.00 Two Roles of Preferences in Argumentation Frameworks (Leila Amgoud and Srdjan Vesic)
12.25 Lunch
Session T2A (14.00 - 15.15): Bayesian Networks and Causal Networks I
Chair: Cassio P. de Campos - Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
14.00 A Re-definition of Mixtures of Polynomials for Inference in Hybrid Bayesian Networks (Prakash P. Shenoy)
14.25 Using Four Cost Measures to Determine Arc Reversal Orderings (Cory J. Butz, Anders L. Madsen, and Kevin Williams)
14.50 Using the Noisy-OR Model Can Be Harmful . . . But It Often Is Not (Steven P.D. Woudenberg and Linda C. van der Gaag)
Session T2B (14.00 - 15.15): Possibility Theory and Possibilistic Logic
Chair: Sebastien Destercke - Room: OSCR
14.00 Statistical Estimations of Lattice-Valued Possibilistic Distributions (Ivan Kramosil and Milan Daniel)
14.25 Compiling Min-based Possibilistic Causal Networks: A Mutilated-Based Approach (Raouia Ayachi, Nahla Ben Amor, and Salem Benferhat)
14.50 Possibilistic Evidence (Henri Prade and Agnes Rico)
15.15 Coffee Break
Session T3A (15.35 - 16.50): Bayesian Networks and Causal Networks II
Chair: Yi Wang - Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
15.35 Attaining Monotonicity for Bayesian Networks (Merel T. Rietbergen and Linda C. van der Gaag)
16.00 Importance Sampling on Bayesian Networks with Deterministic Causalities (Haohai Yu and Robert van Engelen)
16.25 Bayesian Networks and the Imprecise Dirichlet Model Applied to Recognition Problems (Cassio P. de Campos and Qiang Ji)
Session T3B (15.35 - 16.50): Uncertainty in Databases
Chair: Odile Papini - Room: OSCR
15.35 A Preference Query Model Based on a Fusion of Local Orders (Patrick Bosc, Olivier Pivert, and Gregory Smits)
16.00 Approximate Achievability in Event Databases (Austin Parker, Gerardo I. Simari, Amy Sliva, and V.S. Subrahmanian)
16.25 A Probabilistic Interpretation for a Geometric Similarity Measure (Sebastian Lehrack and Ingo Schmitt)
Conference Banquet (Stormont Parliament Building)
18.30 - 23.00 Coaches leaving Conference Venue at 17.50
Pre-dinner drink, Guided tour of Stormont, Dinner, and Entertainment (Different Drums of Ireland)

Friday, 1st July
Session F0 (09.30 - 10.30): Invited talk - Joe Halpern
Constructive decision theory: Decision theory with subjective states and outcomes
Chair: Henri Prade - Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
10.30 Coffee Break
Session F1A (11.00 - 12.40): Bayesian Networks and Causal Networks III
Chair: Cory J. Butz - Room: Council Chamber/Canada Room
11.00 On Stopping Evidence Gathering for Diagnostic Bayesian Networks (Linda C. van der Gaag and Hans L. Bodlaender)
11.25 SemCaDo: A Serendipitous Strategy for Learning Causal Bayesian Networks Using Ontologies (Montassar Ben Messaoud, Philippe Leray, and Nahla Ben Amor)
11.50 Scaling Up the Greedy Equivalence Search Algorithm by Constraining the Search Space of Equivalence Classes (Juan I. Alonso-Barba, Luis delaOssa, Jose A. Gamez, and Jose M. Puerta)
12.15 Extensions of Decision-Theoretic Troubleshooting: Cost Clusters and Precedence Constraints (Vaclav Lin)
Session F1B (11.00 - 12.40): Default Reasoning and Logics for Reasoning under Uncertainty II
Chair: Ramon Pino Perez - Room: OSCR
11.00 Quasi Conjunction and Inclusion Relation in Probabilistic Default Reasoning (Angelo Gilio and Giuseppe Sanfilippo)
11.25 Handling Exceptions in Logic Programming without Negation as Failure (Roberto Confalonieri, Henri Prade, and Juan Carlos Nieves)
11.50 Probabilistic Stit Logic (Jan Broersen)
12.15 Overriding Subsuming Rules (Philippe Besnard, Eric Gregoire, and Sebastien Ramon)
12.40 Lunch
Session F2A (14.10 - 15.50): Bayesian Networks and Causal Networks IV
Chair: Linda C. van der Gaag - Room: Council Chamber/Cadana Room
14.10 Locally Averaged Bayesian Dirichlet Metrics (Andres Cano, Manuel Gomez-Olmedo, Andres R. Masegosa, and Serafin Moral)
14.35 Mixture of Markov Trees for Bayesian Network Structure Learning with Small Datasets in High Dimensional Space (Sourour Ammar and Philippe Leray)
15.00 Finding P-Maps and -Maps to Represent Conditional Independencies Marco Baioletti, Giuseppe Busanello, and Barbara Vantaggi)
15.25 Marginalization without Summation: Exploiting Determinism in Factor Algebra (Sander Evers and Peter J.F. Lucas)
Session F2B (14.10 - 15.50): Belief revision and inconsistency handling
Chair: Leila Amgoud - Room: OSCR
14.10 Measuring Consistency Gain and Information Loss in Stepwise Inconsistency Resolution (John Grant and Anthony Hunter)
14.35 Relating Truth, Knowledge and Belief in Epistemic States (Costas D. Koutras and Yorgos Zikos)
15.00 How Strong Can an Agent Believe Reported Information? (Laurence Cholvy)
15.25 Logic-Based Fusion of Complex Epistemic States (Amilcar Mata Diaz and Ramon Pino Perez)
15.50 Closing

Poster Session: 15.30 - 16.30, 29th June, 2011
Session Chair: Jianbing Ma Mentors
Poster 1: An Argumentation Based Approach for Design Change Management in Aerospace Projects (Fiona Browne, Yan Jin, Colm Higgins, David Bell, Niall Rooney, Hui Wang, Fergal Monaghan, Zhiwei Lin, Jann Muller, Alan Sergeant, and Philip Taylor) Mentor: Philippe Besnard
Poster 2: Event Reasoning in a Multi-Agent Enabled Intelligent Surveillance System (Neil Montgomery) Mentor: Laurence Cholvy
Poster 3: Measuring Inconsistency in Network Intrusion Rules (Kevin McAreavey) Mentor: Anthony Hunter
Poster 4: Probabilistic Situation Assess (Yvonne Fischer and Jurgen Beyerer) Mentor: Jianbing Ma/Paul Miller
Poster 5: Two-level Mixtures of Markov Trees (Francois Schnitzler and Louis Wehenkel) Mentor: Yi Wang
Poster 6: Using Graphs to Visualise and Detect Anomalies in Access Control System Transactions (Michael Davis) Mentor: Cassio P. de Campos
Poster 7: Unsupervised Learning of True Ranking Estimators using the Belief Function Framework (Andrea Argentini, Enrico Blanzieri) Mentor: Prakash P. Shenoy

ECSQARU 2011 - 29th June - 1st July, 2011 - Belfast, UK