International Timetabling Competition

Welcome to the home page of ITC2007, the second
International Timetabling Competition
sponsored by PATAT and WATT

The Competition ended in August 2008. Finalists were announced at PATAT in Montreal in 2008 and certificates presented.

Building on the success of the first, this competition aimed to further develop interest in the general area of educational timetabling while providing researchers with models of the problems faced which incorporate an increased number of real world constraints.

The competition was divided into three tracks with the winner of each track receiving £500 pounds prize money and free registration to PATAT in Montreal 2008.

As with the first competition, it was stressed from the outset that the winner will be chosen based on effectiveness of a particular technique in a specified time. Although this is not an important 'real world' constraint, a time limit allows a competitive element to be introduced which, hopefully, will attract researchers from multiple disciplines.

A main objective of the competition was that conclusions drawn will further stimulate debate within the widening timetabling research community. Please find an initial file of related papers here.

The overall aim of the competition was to create better understanding between researchers and practitioners by allowing emerging techniques to be trialed and tested on real world models of timetabling problems.

The Competition was organised and run by the eventMAP research Group at Queen’s University with partners from Cardiff University, Napier University, University of Nottingham and the University of Udine.

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