International Timetabling Competition

Important Dates

The competition will begin on 1st August 2007 with final solutions to be uploaded no later that 12am (GMT) on 25 January 2008. By this date you should submit your best solutions for all released datasets.

Three sets of Datasets will be used for each track. These are classified as Initial, Late and Hidden. Initial datasets are currently available for each track. Please log in here.

The Late datasets will be made available two weeks prior to the end of the Competition on 11 January 2008. A number of datasets will be kept aside in order to test the best performing algorithms. These are the Hidden datasets and will be released to the community at a later stage once the competition ends. Please read the general rules carefully along with specific rules associated with the track(s) you are entering.

As the adjudication has two phases i.e. finalists and winners, competitors will be informed if the have made it through to the final by 31 March 2008.

The overall orderings and winners of each track will announced in Montreal at PATAT 2008. It is intended that an overview of the techniques submitted will be presented in Montreal.

If you have any queries or comments regarding the competition please contact us.


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