International Timetabling Competition

The Team

This competition brings together a collection of people who are experienced in both the theory and practice of educational timetabling. Although the management of the competition is undertaken by the EventMAP research group at Queen’s University of Belfast, the other institutions involved have significant autonomy with regard to issues such as number and format of datasets. The following outlines the people and research groups who are involved with organising and running the competition.  Each track will be governed by the Competition rules as provided.

EventMAP:    Event Management and Planning Research Group

Key University:   Queen’s University, Belfast

Key Contacts:      Dr Barry McCollum, Dr Paul McMullan

Role: Track 1 Leaders

Centre for Emergent Computing / Quantative Methods Research Group

Key University:   Napier University / Cardiff Business School

Key Contacts:      Professor Ben Paechter, Dr Rhyd Lewis

Role: Track 2 Leaders

SaTT: Scheduling and Timetabling Group

Key University:   University of Udine, Italy

Key Contact:      Professor Andrea Schaerf, Dr Luca Di Gaspero

Role: Track 3 Leaders

ASAP: Automated Scheduling, Optimisation and Planning Group

Key University:   University of Nottingham

Key Contact:      Professor Edmund Burke

Other Contacts:  Dr Andrew Parkes, Dr Rong Qu

Role: Advisory, Support


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