Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks

May 2009 - April 2012
Queen's University Belfast UKAthens Information Technology Institute, GreeceEurecom Institute, FranceDarmstadt University of Technology, GermanyInfineon Technologies, FranceQinetiQ,UK


CROWN (Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks) is funded under FET-Open scheme within the Seventh Farmework Programme, consisting of six partners co-ordinated by Queen's University of Belfast, working towards the realistic implementation of Cognitive Radios for better, more spectrally and financially efficient wireless communications. This interdisciplinary project will take a significant step forward towards the new communication paradigms and experimental facilities for future mobile networks. Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks (CROWN) is a three year (May 2009 to April 2012) pan European Consortium project.

The main purpose of the CROWN project is to understand the technical issues of Cognitive Radios, through a proof of concept demonstrator. CROWN is a Framework Program 7 (FP7) Future Enabling Technologies (FET) programme. Such programmes are classified as High Technical Risk but with High Potential reward.

The techniques branded as “Cognitive Radio” (CR) enable concepts such as dynamic spectrum licensing,  where the reconfigurable spectrum radio is able to sense whether a particular band is being used or not and, to utilise the spectrum without interfering with the transmission of other licensed users. The CROWN project’s aspirations place it in a high-risk/high-return regime; it will help to revolutionize the spectrum licensing and efficiency landscape for personal wireless communications.

The Consortium partners are:

Queens University Belfast (QUB) (UK, Co-ordinator)

Athens Information Technology (AIT) (Greece, Technical Lead)

EURECOM (EUR) – Graduate University (France)

Darmstadt University of Technology (TUD) (Germany)

Infineon  (IFX) (France)

QinetiQ (QQ) (UK)

Office of Communications (Ofcom) (UK – advisor – Dr William Web)

Institute for Inforcomm Research (I2R) (Singapore – advisor – Dr Ying-Chang Liang)




CROWN demo in Future Network & Mobile Summit 4-6 July 2012, Berlin, Germany
CROWN f2f meeting held on 24 Feb 2012 at EURECOM, France
CROWN demo poster in SACRA workshop on 23 Feb. 2011 at Valbonne, France
CROWN special session and panel discussions in CogART 2012 at Barcelona, Spain, 26 Oct. 2011
CROWN f2f meeting held on 25 Oct. 2011 at Barcelona, Spain
International Workshop on Compact Antenna Systems, technology and applications (COMPASS 2011) in Athens, Greece on March 1, 2011
One-day course on Cognitive Dynamic Systems by Prof. Simon Haykin at ECIT, Queen's University Belfast on 7 Sept 2010
Invited Tutorial by AIT, Greece at Rome in Nov 2010
IET Workshop in London, Oct 2010
Crown consortium wins BEST PAPER award at CROWNCOM 2010
Fourth progress meeting held at Eurecom, France in Jun 2010
Special Session on Cognitive Radio at PMIRC, Sept 2010
Special session at Crowncom at Cannes France, May 2010
Third progress meeting held at AIT, Greece in Feb 2010
QUB organised conference at IIT Delhi, India in December 2009
Second progress meeting held at London in Oct 2009
Project kick-off meeting at Eurecom, France on 4-5 May 2009