International Timetabling Competition

Output Format

The best solution found by the algorithm must be written to an output file with extension .sln in the following format.

One line should describe each exam. The exams should be in the same order as that given in the input file. The following information relating to an exam should be provided:

  1. The timeslot number, the room number.
  2. The timeslot number is an integer between 0 and 44 representing the timeslots allocated to the event.
  3. The room is the room number assigned to the event. Remember, rooms are numbered in the order from the problem file, starting at zero.


11, 0

27, 0

24, 2

Means the first exam is timetabled in Period number 11 and is in Room 0 and so on. Competitors should remember that Rooms and Exams are represented by Integers beginning at zero.

Every line should end with carriage return + linefeed (AKA "\r\n").

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