International Timetabling Competition

Getting Started

Firstly you should read the information on each of the tracks and decide which one you would like to enter. Of course you can enter all three if you wish!

You should then register as a competitor and download the appropriate datasets. Once registered, you will receive emails updating you on any issues relating to the competition.

You should read the rules which govern the competition to ensure you understand what is required when and in what format.

Next you should benchmark the machine you intend using to run your technique (s) to find out how much time you can use.

You should then begin the timetabling process using your chosen technique (s).

Once you have constructed a solution for one or all of the datasets you should check this using the validators which are provided for each track.

If you have any problems please email the person in charge of the track. This person's name is shown on the right hand side of the track's webpages.

If you have any general queries or comments please email Dr Barry McCollum.

Last Updated: Monday, July 30, 2007 10:15 PM