International Timetabling Competition

Problem Instances

The instances we have provided are of varying "difficulty". However, unlike the first International Timetabling Competition, you might not be able to find a fully feasible solution in all cases within the given computer time. If this is the case you will therefore need to leave certain events out of the timetable in order to ensure that the timetables you produce do not contain any hard constraint violations.

All the instances have at least one feasible solution. They also have a known perfect solution – that is, a solution with no constraint violations, hard or soft. However, you probably won’t find these in the time given.

Twenty one problem instances will be used for evaluation of the algorithms. The first seven are given below. Seven more will appear here two weeks before the deadline. The final seven will not be released and will be used by us to make the final decisions between competitors.

To gain access to the first seven competition problem instance files you must register here



Last Updated: Monday, July 30, 2007 10:51 PM