International Timetabling Competition

Upload Solution

Solutions to the Early and Late datasets should be uploaded by 25 January 2008.

Web page functionality will be made available 2 weeks prior to this date to allow competitors to upload their solutions. information required will be;

  1. Solution files for each released dataset as detailed in the Output Format;
  2. A file containing the best scores for each instance in the following format:

    <instance> <distance_to_feasibility> <objective_score>

  3. A document detailing the method used (template to be released).

All Competitors must be prepared to provide the executable and (if the solver is stochastic) the random seed that produces the exact submitted results in the granted CPU time. This may be required by the organisers when the finalists are being chosen based on the ranking outlined in the Competition rules.

When the finalists are chosen, they will be asked to provide this information. Competitors must therefore store the random seeds for possible future requests.


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