Research Projects

Details of research projects of interest are detailed below. Please click on the heading for further information.

Associated research activities involve the development of leading edge modelling and computer based techniques and their application to complex, uncertain environments. All projects are based on real world problems.

The application of computer science principles in such a way as to improve the operations within real world environments often comes under the Operational Research area.

Projects are classified according to technique development and applicable industrial areas. Potential research students should contact me for further information.

Technique Based

Investigation of techniques to help model and provide 'better' solutions within real world organisational and industrial environments.

Other general themes include the following. Please contact me for more details:

    Neural Network Based Hyper-Heuristics Scheduling Algorithms

    Intelligent design of search Techniques in providing efficient solutions to real world problems.

    Investigation of efficient heuristic search in relation to preparing and validating Optimisation Strategies

    The role of human and environmental factors within the process of optimisation

    A metaheuristic approach to Disease Detection

Industrial Application

Other areas include the following. Please contact me for more details:

    Sports Scheduling

    Transport Scheduling

    Health Care Optimisation

    Optimising Load balancing within Distributed Computing

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