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A complete list of my publications is available in BibTeX format. An almost complete list is available through my Queen's University Research Portal. Incomplete lists are available also through DBLP and Google Scholar, where you may also browse my citation profile. Full PDF copies of most of these publications are available through digital libraries (e.g. ACM, IEEE, Elsevier, SpringerLink) if you or your institution are subscribed to them. Queen’s is undertaking an effort to provide open access to pre-print versions of research articles and you may browse such pre-print articles through the Queen’s Research Portal. PDF copies of pre-print versions of any articles which are not included in either archival electronic libraries or the portal can be provided upon request.

In Computer Science, and the experimental computing systems research in particular, publications in elite conferences tend to have higher impact and prestige than publications in elite journals. Flagship conferences conduct rigorous refereeing processes, involving 4 to 7 reviewers, often with two rounds of review with interim author rebuttal. Decisions are made face-to-face in panel meetings and are consensus-based. Acceptance rates in flagship conferences are not higher than 20%, which is lower than many journals. The conferences publish copyrighted archival proceedings volumes with full-length articles (10 to 15 pages in IEEE , ACM, or similar proceedings format). While this practice reflects the culture of the field and may change in the future, it should be taken into consideration while evaluating academic staff for performance, probation, or promotion. For more details, please consult the related
CRA Best Practices Memo.