Approaches to Merging/Revising Prioritized knowledge and their Applications to Multiple Viewpoints based Requirements Engineering

Brief Description


The aims of this project are to further develop merging and revision approaches to addressing the problem of handling inconsistent requirements in the requirements stage, following on from our previous project. We are especially concerned with inconsistency, redundancy, vagueness, and incompleteness. The main objectives of this research are: (1) to develop an unified logical tool for formalizing requirements statements; (2) to provide a clear formal characterization of inconsistent requirements; (3) to develop a series of flexible strategies for handling inconsistency.

Other details

  • Period: 2009- 2011
  • Type: Research Project
  • Status: Completed
  • Funding Body: British Royal Society and Chinese Academy of Sciences, 12000.00

    Personnel Involved (UK)

  • Prof David Bell
  • Dr. Weiru Liu
  • Dr. Jun Hong

    Personnel Involved (China)

  • Prof Ruqian Lu
  • Prof. Zhi Jin
  • Dr. Kedian Mu