ICONS: The Intelligent CONtent Management System


The Intelligent CONtent Management System (ICONS) project was conducted within the European Commission Fifth Framework Programme, User-friendly information society IST(see www.cordis.lu/ist). The project, with the identifier IST-2001-32429, addressed the objectives of the action line IST2001 - II.1.2: Knowledge management.

The ICONS project focused on bringing together into a coherent, web-based system architecture advanced research results, technologies, and standards, in order to develop and further exploit the knowledge-based, multimedia content management platform. Integrating and extending known results from the AI and database management fields, combined with advanced features of the emerging information architecture technologies, resulted in a novel Intelligent CONtent Management System (ICONS) platform.

Three clearly defined research streams, managed by top quality academic and industrial partners working jointly towards achieving well specified project objectives ensured the success of the ICONS project.

Participants: Rodan Systems S.A. (dr Witold Staniszkis, dr Bartosz Nowicki) – project management, ICONS architecture, prototype development, www.rodan.pl/, Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (prof. Kazimierz Subieta) – assessment of tools, standards, and methods, advanced graphic user interface, www.ipipan.waw.pl/, Centro di Ingegneria Economica e Sociale (Nicola Leone, Pasquale Rullo) – multi-paradigm knowledge representation, InfoVide (Marcin Lewandowski) – design and development of the “Structural Fund Project Knowledge Portal”, www.infovide.pl, Sema Group Belgium (Jules Georges, Stoimir Djoudjev) – design and development of the “Structural Fund Project Knowledge Portal”, be.sema.com, University Paris 9 Dauphine's Centre Des Etudes Et De Recherches En Informatique Appliquee Pprof. Witold Litwin) – distributed content repository, ceria.dauphine.fr, University of Ulster (led initially Prof. David Bell) – multi-paradigm knowledge representation, www.infc.ulst.ac.uk/informatics/ise/. Sub-contractor QUB(led initially Prof. David Bell after Oct 2002) www.qub.ac.uk/research-centres/KDE/


The research achievements were validated and published on numerous conferences and workshops (78), in journals (12) and books (4), documented in the project deliverables (41 formal project reports, out of which 16 publicly available). Most of the innovative solutions were elaborated up to the detailed design level and implemented within the ICONS platform for knowledge intensive application development. 19 modules were implemented from scratch or as an extension of the existing open source modules and contributed by partners. The modules cooperating with each other within the precisely engineered ICONS platform architecture provide a comprehensive set of generic services indispensable for development of any type of KM intensive portal.

Other details

  • Period: 2002 - 2004
  • Type: Research Project
  • Status: Completed
  • Funding Body: EU IST, £254,000 (QUB), total funding 1,896,868 EURO

    Personnel Involved (UK)

  • Prof David Bell
  • Dr Yaxin Bi (Research Fellow)