ISIS: An Integrated Sensor Information System

Objectives achieved:

The ISIS project created a video and radio frequency sensor network to enhance the safety of passengers using public transport. Dr Ian O’Neill headed the work-package in which ISIS-NL was developed, the system’s natural language interface for retrieval of archived video footage and accompanying textual descriptions. Implementation of this interface was based on an innovative ‘forum’ of collaborating software agents. Designed by Dr Philip Hanna, the forum selected those output modalities that were best suited to the user’s current situation and usage preferences. The software platform used to implement ISIS-NL became known as QuADS – Queen’s Advanced Dialogue System.

This project had significant involvement of academic members of staff from several research clusters at ECIT: SIVS, SoC, and High Freguency Electronics Circuits.

Other details

  • Period: September 2007 – September 2010
  • Type: Research Project
  • Status: Completed
  • Funding Body: EPSRC, £1,379,611.00 (all ISIS)

    Personnel Involved (UK)

  • Dr David Linton
  • Dr Paul Miller
  • Dr Ian O'Neill
  • Dr Darryl Stewart
  • Prof Vincent Fusco
  • Prof Sakir Sezer