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This conference is the eighth in a series of conferences that serve as a forum for an international community of researchers, practitioners and vendors on all aspects of computer-aided timetable generation

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The broad practical timetabling areas covered include:

Educational Transport Employee Rostering Sports

The themes of the conference include (but are not limited to):

  • Implementations
  • Commercial Packages
  • Complexity Issues
  • Distributed Timetabling Systems
  • Experiences
  • Interactive vs Batch Timetabling
  • Timetable Updating
  • Standard Data Formats
  • Relationship with Other Scheduling Problems
  • Management vs Planning

Timetabling Research Areas, including:

  • Constraint-Based Methods
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mathematical Programming
  • Expert Systems
  • Heuristic Search
  • Knowledge Based Systems
  • Operational Research
  • Simulated Annealing
  • Local Search
  • Ant Colony Methods
  • Machine Learning
  • Tabu Search
  • Meta-Heuristics
  • Hyper-Heuristics
  • Very Large Neighborhood Search
  • Graph Colouring
  • Hybrid Methods
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Making
  • Fuzzy Reasoning
  • Data Mining
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Featured Keynote Speakers

  • Graham Kendall (University of Nottingham, UK)
  • Jeff Kingston (University of Sydney, Australia)
  • George White (University of Ottawa, Canada)
  • David Ryan (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Organizing and Programme Committee co-chairs

Barry McCollum Edmund Burke
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