Peter Kilpatrick
Computer Science
Queen's University Belfast


Research Interests

I am a member of the Computing Systems research theme in the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Queen's University Belfast. My current research interests are in parallel and distributed computing, and in particular in parallel patterns, and in cloud and edge systems. I am involved in the FastFlow project, a member of the Biohaviour team and also of the Edge Computing Hub.

I was chair of PDP 2013 and co-chair of PDP 2014

Recent Projects

RIED: Re-Imagining Engineering Design: Growing Radical Cyber-Physical-Socio Phenotypes (2021-2026)
Biohaviour: Building the Blind Watchmaker (2017-2021)
cHiPSet (2015-2019)
Cactos (2013-2016)
ParaPhrase (2011-2015)
CoreGRID (2004-2008)

Lists of my publications can be found on ResearchGate; Google Scholar; DBLP; and PURE.

I currently co-supervise two PhD students:
Abdullahi Abubakar: Outlier Prediction using Machine Learning.
Mohsen Koohi Esfahani: High Performance Graph Processing.


I teach a final-year course:
"Algorithms: Analysis and Applications" which explores the complexity of a range of classical algorithms including sorting, searching, pattern matching, etc.
Previously I have taught courses on High Performance Computing, Introductory Programming, Concurrency Theory and Practice, Formal Methods (VDM), Computation Theory, Language Semantics, Human-Computer Interaction.